How does the Virtual Health Service work?

Vircon Health is a clinician to clinician brokering service.  We provide a network of national and international specialist consultants though our virtual technology platform. This service is not a threat to local services but a valued asset that can be used to bolster regional deficits.

Step 1 Requirements phase in your Health Organisation

Vircon Health will discuss how you want your remote specialist service provided to your health organisation. We will actively recruit virtual consultants to meet your specific requirements. We will also develop with your staff a policy document of why, where, when and how remote appointments will be booked for patients. These are based on your local organisation needs. The driver for these remote appointments can be based on:

The policy in the hospital to bridge local expertise gaps i.e. could be due to a lack of expertise in specific specialities

During high demand periods to give access to extra clinical staff remotely

The local clinicians needs a second opinion for specific cases

A patient makes a direct request though your organisation for a remote consultation

The patient requests a second opinion by remote consultation through your organisation

Step 2 Agree Payment Terms

Service tariffs and payment terms will be agreed in advance. This will include platform usage; the rates for different consultants; specialities required; availability; request urgency; usage amount; prepayment credits terms etc.

Step 3 Admin setup, training and access

Vircon Health will set up your local administrators, clinicians and nurses with the appropriate access on our Virtual Health Service platform and train them on how to use the platform.

Step 4 Clinical Specialists Online Listing

Vircon Health’s clinician brokering system will provide a list with a full profile with the credentials of all the virtual consultants that your organisations can have access to. The list will depend on the specific requirements that was established in Step 1.  We can provide access to consultants both within your own country and internationally. The locations of the clinical specialists will, again, depend on your requirements.

Step 5 Making bookings

Client allocated specialists will be made available on a dedicated portal.  Tariffs will be pre-defined and agreed with the contracting organisation. Authorised staff would logon to the Virtual Health Service and make the booking though our online booking solution. The booking system will identify the availability of each consultant.

Step 6 Appointment Preparation

The local clinician may contact the remote consultant prior to the appointment to determine if there are any pre-exams that needs to be carried out to ensure that the remote consultation is more effective.

Step 7 The remote consultation and local physical exams

At the appointment the local clinician or other support clinical staff (practice nurse etc) then would bring the patient into a room with the appropriate video and diagnosis equipment.

The remote consultant then will carry out the consultation and will work with the local clinicians who will

Carry out any physical exams required by the remote consultants

Where appropriate can share through the platform medical records including, notes, medical history, images, scans to the secure Vircon Health Service Platform (this would be done in compliance with local data protection laws)

When necessargy arrange for the patient to be sent for further diagnostic exams e.g. xrays, bloods etc

Work with the remote consultant in arranging the treatment plan, prescriptions and arranging any further appointments and follow up

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