Virtual Health Service

Vircon Health provides remote access to  a diverse panel of prequalified medical specialists/consultants that a health care organisation can avail themselves of remotely through our global Virtual Health Service platform.

Why is this necessary?

Shortage of Personnel

There is a serious global shortage of specialist consultants. Demand for a specific clinical specialist often exceeds the supply. This results in regional skills shortages as specialists are drawn towards the larger more lucrative markets.

Vircon Health addresses this by working in partnership with local health organisations to provide access to the specialists that are in short supply and by providing technology that will enable services to be delivered remotely to spatially disadvantaged communities from regional or international hubs.

Complexity in diagnosis and treatment plans

The management of chronic diseases is putting an increasing burden on stressed health services. Rare diseases are going undiagnosed and when they are diagnosed there is often a lack of local expertise on how best to manage these patient cohorts.  The development of effective treatment plans are getting more complex and difficult. There is also an increase in the number of drugs and treatment methods for the various conditions coming out all the time and it is difficult for doctors to keep pace with the latest advancements. Vircon Health builds a community of experts where the latest diagnosis and treatment methods are available globally to our customer base. If patients are not diagnosed correctly and put on the right treatment plans, it can be more costly to treat them in the long run and incorrect treatments may be even harmful to the patient.

Vircon Health through our secure brokering platform can provide access to a global network of the top clinicians in every clinical speciality.

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